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Produce more in less time and with less stress

In this article I explain to you how you can increase the quality of your life by eliminating repetitive tasks on the computer. The way to achieve this is by running a software called SuperLauncher.

SuperLauncher gives you access to your resources one hot-key or 2 mouse clicks away at all times so you can work super fast with less stress because SuperLauncher shortens the pathway between you and your resources. SuperLauncher is a shortcut manager.

I am the developer of SuperLauncher, I created it because I needed a tool to speed up my work, so it all begun like a software tool for myself but as the application grew and started showing significant results on my productivity I decided to make it public and available to anyone.

PCWinSoft distributes a free version of SuperLauncher that is just like the professional version except it does not support scheduling. You can download SuperLauncher free edition from here:
SuperLauncher Free Edition

Or you can test the professional version by downloading the trial version here:
SuperLauncher Trial

To learn how to use SuperLauncher watch the video bellow.