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Secure file sharing with 1AVCenter

1AVCenter is a complete audio video center allowing you to record, broadcast and remotely monitor any audio video source you have on your PC.

Plus 1AVCenter comes equipped with a secure web server for you to share your files with your friends and co-workers with full security.

With 1AVCenter you can securely share images, audio, video and document files all behind Microsoft’s authentication technology which means your personal website that 1AVCenter publishes is unbreakable.

You have full control over user accounts, you create them, you attribute which pages each user has access too, and you distribute usernames and passwords.

Watch the video bellow to learn how.


How to securely share files

Every one share files, some send them files by e-mail, others use other options of software for file sharing like ‘Easy File Sharing Web Server’ or most recently growing cloud based solutions like DropBox or GoAruna.

1AVShare works for all versions of Windows. It protects your data with 128-encrypted security, it actually uses Windows native security so breaking into 1AVShare is as hard as breaking into a Windows logon, basically impossible.

You import files into 1AVShare like images, photos, video files, documents, audio tracks, executable files, and instantly that content becomes available to your website’s visitors.

You are responsible for creating users and assigning them a password and you can limit the pages one user can visit, the power of administering the website access is all in your hands.

Enough with the words. I prefer to make videos so that users can get the picture faster and be ready-to-use it. So, all details are inside the video bellow.