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How to add screen capture and webcam capture inside your application with ScreenCamera SDK

ScreenCamera SDK ( Software Development Kit ) is the easiest and quickest way to add screen capture and webcam capture into 3rd party applications.

ScreenCamera SDK is an ActiveX that exposes an API for the 3rd party application to control ScreenCamera and record video, take pictures, switch from webcam to desktop screen capture and back, and remotely operate ScreenCamera and all of its functionalities.

There are several other API calls supported by ScreenCamera SDK and each method of the API is represented in the SDK Tester module that gets installed along with the SDK. With the SDK Tester the 3rd party developer can test the steps he/she will implement even before starting any coding and all with visual response. Plus the SDK comes with many samples for different languages and environments.

ScreenCamera SDK can run absolutely hidden and it can be installed absolutely hidden with support for silent registration as well. ScreenCamera allows the 3rd party application to take all the credits for the video capture and screen capture.

The SDK is designed for Companies and it has being severely tested on the field so it is extremely stable. ScreenCamera SDK is used by Companies with 30000 PCs having ScreenCamera installed and running on a daily basis, so I am confident to state that ScreenCamera SDK is extremely stable.

I created a video tutorial to present ScreenCamera SDK and explain with images how easy, simple yet powerful the ScreenCamera SDK is. Check out the video bellow.