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How to stream video and audio to any device

Everybody wants to know the answer to this question: How can I stream a broadcast of audio and video that can be opened from any device? PC, iMac, iPod, iPhone, SmartPhones, iPad, Tablets, all mobile platforms?

The answer is 1AVStreamer set to stream in HTTP ASF, encoded with DIV3 for video and MP3 for audio. Once you have configured 1AVStreamer to use this encoding you can start the broadcast at any moment. After started you can open the streaming URL on any device existent using the VLC media player.

The VLC media player must be installed on the PC running 1AVStreamer and it must also be installed on the target portable device. Once you have the VLC media player installed on both sides: server and client then you can connect to your stream using any device. VLC media player has versions for all types of mobiles.

I made a tutorial video in which I demonstrate visually what I am talking about. Check the video bellow and learn how to do it.


How to record your favorite songs automatically

You like to get songs from the web but you are tired of always stop at the end of a song and then start on the next song; 1AVCapture changes all that giving you a way to effortlessly record your favorite songs.
2 great websites where you can listen to radios are Last.fm and GrooveShark, so you pick one of these sites, start your own radio playlist and along with 1AVCapture you record every song without having to do anything.
It also works well if you wanna rip songs from a audio CD.
Bellow you find a video that may help you realize how easy and practical automation is.

How to extract audio from movie files

Sometimes you need to extract the audio from a movie track and it is not easy to find a tool to make the work.

The family 1AV now has this capacity of extracting the audio from a movie file already on the format you want.

The 1AV family products gained video conversions on the fly, no pain, fast and easy.

Watch the video bellow to learn how.

1AV now supports e-mails with TSL and SSL

When 1AVCenter was created the e-mail sending was done by raw SMTP and it could only access Servers which worked with port 25.

The situation changed drasticaly since then, today people can protect their e-mail contents using TLS or SSL. The e-mail system was redesigned and it now works like a clock.

I am waiting what users will respond. I think it is great but opinions differ sometimes and always add value to the products.

How to run multiple shortcuts at once

I started developing SuperLauncher as a tool for myself that would allow me to work faster, so I thought of hotkeys, scheduled commands, reminders, grouping of shortcuts, and I slowly developed this product as new necessities appeared for me I implemented a solution on SuperLauncher so the program is 100% stable and it works perfectly.

One of the many features you find on SuperLauncher is the ability to create groups like I do it to read my multiple e-mail accounts, I open all of them with a keyboard shortcut. Another example is grouping your music website and your capture software all at once too like I do with GrooveShark and 1AVCapture.

Check this video to understan better:

How to stream video to your IPod or IPad or IPhone

To be able to watch live video right on your mobile can be a tricky procedure.

Thinking about that I decided to implement this feature of streaming in some of PCWinSoft’s products.

It wasn’t really easy because I had to find a way that didn’t involve reinventing the whell, so after some research I found that the automation of VLC was the shortest way to get there.

So, you need VLC installed for the 1AV program to work. It is also recommended to download and install Windows Media Encoder: With Windows Media Encoder and VLC you have total control of your audio video streaming all much simpler then other programs.

The new version of 1AVCenter, 1AVCapture, 1AVMonitor, 1AVStreamer, and ScreenCamera.Net have this feature already launched.

Check this video out to see how it is done:

How to look professional on your video conference calls

We are living on the age of video conferencing and turning down walls that before would kept us unable to communicate so that is a revolution in itself.

What about TV shows where there is always a place for the name of the journalist, the badge of the Company, video in video PiP, all in one screen? Is there a way to look the same on my PC? Yes, fortunately there is: The name of the program is ScreenCamera.Net.

ScreenCamera.Net can make you look like a million dollars on a video conference room increasing the chances of acquiring new clients.

Bellow you find an example of what I am talking about. Check it out.