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How to shut down or restart your PC with hotkeys using SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is a productivity booster and it gives you the ability to produce more in less time with less stress.

Among the many ways SuperLauncher can be used to save you time one of them is to be able to shut down or restart the computer using keyboard combinations also known as hotkeys.

I like to keep my shut down computer shortcut with the keyboard combination Windows+F12 and I like to keep the restart computer shortcut under the keyboard combination Windows+F11.

It seems like a small step and that you might not need it but once you start using hotkeys to shutdown and restart your computer you realise how much time you wasted going through the native methods of Windows.

Watch the video bellow to learn how.


How to produce more in less time with less stress with SuperLauncher

You know how everyday you go about doing the same routines over and over again and you end up stressed in a bad mood and frustraded?

SuperLauncher is the solution for you. What SuperLauncher does is it eliminates the repetitive tasks you do every day and it allows you to produce more in less time with less stress and with that comes also more time to relax and take care of the other important aspects of your life.

SuperLauncher is a productivity booster and it works in 4 fronts: First it can open resources with hot-keys; Second it has a popup menu for your most used apps and websites; Third it has a reminder that you can use to never forget an appointment; Fourth it can group resources so you can open all resources regarding a same matter at once; Fifth it allows you to paste recorded text messages so you never have to retype the same message again.

There are 2 versions of SuperLauncher: A free version and a paid version. The difference between them is that the free version does not have scheduling but you can get it right here if you go to the Freeware page.

I have put together a video to help you understand the power of SuperLauncher more in depth.

How to schedule desktop recording and image capturing with ScreenCamera

What good is a screen recorder or video recorder without a proper scheduler?

You may want to record and take pictures when you’re away from the computer and the video screen recorder must provide you that feature. I feel like it is almost mandatory for a video recorder to have a proper scheduler.

In this here example I am using ScreenCamera. A lot of people know or have heard about ScreenCamera but what most people don’t know is that recently a powerful scheduler was added to the software package.

With ScreenCamera’s scheduler you can choose to record from date and time of start until date and time of end, but you can do much more: You can record and take pictures on one day of the week or two from period of start until period of end, so for example you can set ScreenCamera to take pictures of your desktop every Sunday and Monday from 1PM to 3PM every 1 minute.

If it is timely possible then ScreenCamera’s scheduler can program it for you. You can also set multiple tasks to run, like if for example you have a task that takes pictures every day from time A to time B but you want to add a video recording session to record your favorite TV show, you add another task and both tasks will run together.

Watch the video bellow to understand it a little bit better:

Produce more in less time and with less stress

In this article I explain to you how you can increase the quality of your life by eliminating repetitive tasks on the computer. The way to achieve this is by running a software called SuperLauncher.

SuperLauncher gives you access to your resources one hot-key or 2 mouse clicks away at all times so you can work super fast with less stress because SuperLauncher shortens the pathway between you and your resources. SuperLauncher is a shortcut manager.

I am the developer of SuperLauncher, I created it because I needed a tool to speed up my work, so it all begun like a software tool for myself but as the application grew and started showing significant results on my productivity I decided to make it public and available to anyone.

PCWinSoft distributes a free version of SuperLauncher that is just like the professional version except it does not support scheduling. You can download SuperLauncher free edition from here:
SuperLauncher Free Edition

Or you can test the professional version by downloading the trial version here:
SuperLauncher Trial

To learn how to use SuperLauncher watch the video bellow.