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How to do remote surveillance on your microphone with 1AVCenter

1AVCenter is a complete audio video center because it can record, broadcast and do remote surveillance on any audio and/or video source you have on your PC.

In spite of all you can do with 1AVCenter regarding audio and video the fun does not stop there: 1AVCenter publishes a secure website for you to be able to review recorded material from anywhere on the Globe where you can find a PC connected to the Internet.

1AVCenter can do remote monitoring of your desktop screen activity, or it can do remote surveillance on your webcam time-stamped, or it can do remote surveillance on your microphone to spy on conversations happening around your PC.

1AVCenter can also be completely hidden in stealth mode in a way no PC user will be able to find it running, it disappears even from the task manager.

Microphone remote surveillance is what the video bellow is all about.