Baby monitoring software for PC

The software 1AVMonitor is a baby monitoring software for PC.

You set your webcam to point to your baby room and start 1AVMonitor monitoring and feel safe leaving the baby alone because 1AVMonitor notifies you via e-mail if any activity is detected. You can also monitor the audio in the baby’s room if you prefer and get notified when noise is detected like the baby crying for example.

1AVMonitor sends you e-mails when activity is detected and you from wherever you are you can open 1AVMonitor website and check on real-time what is happening.

1AVMonitor website gives you access to real-time live video, and a slideshow of pictures of detected activity. Your personal website is protected by Windows authentication security so it is 100% safe and only you can access your personal website.

1AVMonitor has other users but in the video I recorded I focus on webcam remote monitoring and you should be all set to go after seeing this video:

Should you have any questions or some information you require feel free to post your questions and I will reply promptly.

This video was watermarked by Video Watermarker.

Thanks for reading,
Alessandro Ferri


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