Image resizer software for PC

The software 1AV Image Converter is a batch image resizer software for PC.

1AV Image Converter is designed to handle large batches of image files and the list of images can have different formats. 1AV Image Converter will convert images of different formats to the output format.

1AV Image Converter gives you the option to resize images by percentage so you can batch resize images increasing or decreasing the size of images without losing the aspect ratio.

The program also offers you the opportunity to resize to specific dimensions in case you want to convert a batch of images to the same width and height on the output.

The software is very simple to use. First you add the image files you want to batch resize to the source list. Second you select an output format which can be BMP, DPX, GIF, ICO, JPG, J2C, J2K, JP2, PAM, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, RAS, RGB, SGI, TGA, TIF, TIFF, WEBP, XBM or YUV. Third you click the ‘Effects’ button and then select the tab Resize. There you find the settings to apply batch resizing to the conversion. Fourth click ‘Save’ and right afterwards click ‘Convert’. The software shows you the progress but the conversion process in general is fast even for a large number of images.

Bellow you find a video tutorial on the subject:

Should you have any questions or some information you require feel free to post your questions and I will reply promptly.

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Thanks for reading,
Alessandro Ferri


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