SWF to FLV video converter software for PC

The software 1AV SWF Video Converter is a SWF to FLV video converter software for PCs.

Working with 1AV SWF Video Converter is a four step procedure. First you select a SWF file by browsing your hard drive or network drive. Second you must capture the SWF manually with a ‘Start Capture’ and ‘Stop Capture’ to a AVI file matrix that will serve as the source for the video conversion. Third you select an output format from a wide range of options and settings. In this here case I selected Flash FLV’. Fourth and last you hit the ‘Execute’ button and 1AV SWF Video Converter
does the conversion for you and delivers the FLV file.

1AV SWF Video Converter must record the audio from the SWF file by recording the ‘Stereo Mix’ audio device. If you open your ‘Recording devices’ panel and you can’t see ‘Stereo Mix’ in there then try to show all disabled devices. If you still don’t see ‘Stereo Mix’ on the list of audio devices then go to RealTek website and download and install the audio driver for your version of Windows. That will install ‘Stereo Mix’ into your system.

The procedure on how I have converted SWF to FLV is best displayed on the video tutorial bellow:

Should you have any questions or some information you require feel free to post your questions and I will reply promptly.

Thanks for reading,
Alessandro Ferri


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