Screen recorder multiple monitors software for pc

Looking for a software capable of capturing video from any one of your multiple monitors? This type of software is not easy to find but in this article I present to you ScreenCamera.Net.

With ScreenCamera.Net you can record video from any of your multiple monitors, the full desktop area, or a window, or a region. For every monitor installed ScreenCamera.Net shows a small toolbar for you to rapidly select the area of your desktop monitor that you want to capture including following the cursor around with automatic zoom out zoom in on the mouse wheel.

ScreenCamera.Net is based on a layer-by-layer architecture in such a way you can take advantage of its PiP (Picture in Picture) possibilities. You can for example capture one window in one monitor and another window in another monitor on the same video output, or you can add your webcam to show in PiP. The possibilities are endless. You can for example capture the full desktop on the background and a small window on the corner showing the region around the mouse cursor all in one video output. No software on the market today can do this.

I dare you to find a software capable of doing what ScreenCamera.Net has the ability to do. ScreenCamera.Net is a unique very powerful tool for video recording and streaming. If you can show me such a software you will win a free license of ScreenCamera.Net.

Thanks for reading,
Alessandro Ferri


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