Live video streaming server software

1AVStreamer is a live video streaming server which streams live video and audio in 2 different manners: The first is using Microsoft’s protocol called mms in which case 1AVStreamer is the streaming server. The second is RTMP in which case 1AVStreamer publishes a stream that you can connect to media servers such as Wowza, Flash Media Server, Red5 and others.

1AVStreamer makes it easy for you to embed the mms live stream inside your web page but it only works with Internet Explorer and I’d like to elaborate more on the subject. New browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have pulled the plug on controls based on NPAPI technology. That means neither of these browsers no longer support Windows Media Player plug-in, VLC Media Player plug-in, Microsoft Silverlight plug-in, and most impressively the Java plug-in. That is right: These browsers will no longer support Java.

As a developer I am thankful to Microsoft for keeping the support to the mms protocol even on the newest versions of the browser. Microsoft understands the quality of such protocol and that many businesses have solutions envolving the mms protocol such as 1AVStreamer for example.

The fact that these browsers are saying no to Java is most likely to backfire because the millions of solutions based on Java Applets will have to instruct their users to utilize Internet Explorer and that will bring Internet Explorer back to being the #1 most used web browser. The web browsers discontinuing NPAPI controls will end up limited to searches and will no longer be able to deliver business solutions so I think they are moving on the wrong direction closing doors to industry giants such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Also, some users think that mms is an old protocol and that 1AVStreamer should stream in MP4 or Flash but the fact is that 1AVStreamer supports even the latest Microsoft Expression Encoder profiles so it is up to date and mms is a reliable solution for Internet live streaming of both audio and video.

I have done the research and the only control that survives in all browsers is Adobe Flash which accepts video in the flv format and rtp and http live video streams on mobile friendly players such as JW Player, so it only works with streams served by media servers such as Wowza, Flash media Server, Red5 and others. So the decision we took is to continue using the mms protocol and stick to Microsoft that has being proving good judgment regarding what to deprecate over the years.

The conclusion is 1AVStreamer is compatible with Internet Explorer and not compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. We are proud to make this announcement in which we state our full support for Microsoft in this current war of browsers.

Bellow you find a video regarding the subject discussed on this post.

Should you have any questions or some information you require feel free to post your questions and I will reply promptly.

Thanks for reading,
Alessandro Ferri


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