Video mixing app for PC

In this article I describe the endless possibilities ScreenCamera.Net from PCWinSoft has to offer for video professionals looking for a low cost live video production and video mixer software solution.

Unlike other video mixing apps ScreenCamera.Net works with layers and animation much like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. On regular video mixing apps you are limited to 4 cameras and a limited number of transitions so you are always switching to one source to another using transitions.

ScreenCamera.Net supports up to 4 video cameras, unlimited desktop monitors, 4 video files, and 4 audio tracks simultaneously, each one is a layer on the layer stack. ScreenCamera.Net supports layers for images, text stamps, date and time stamps, shapes and drawing.

Each layer of ScreenCamera.Net represents an object which can be animated frame-by-frame much like Adobe Flash so you can create and operate complex transitions, many more of what you can find on regular video mixing apps. ScreenCamera.Net objects can be resized, rotated, change colors, and have variable opacity levels. So you can have a left to right wipe transition, you can have a Zoom out transition, you can have a fade transition, you can have a rotation transition, and limitless possibilities for new transitions.

Each animated object can be stopped at each key-frame or only on the last or even be set to restart at the end automatically. On the layer stack manager you can play objects, move to first frame to repeat effects, turn visible and invisible.

It is the perfect tool to broadcast professional video content at a very low cost compared to similar software on the market plus ScreenCamera.Net can stream live video to media servers such as Wowza or Flash or Red5 so it is a complete package. Nothing like that on the market.

As it works differently than others video mixing apps it takes a bit of a learning curve but once you feel comfortable you can really excel and stream professional content. The limit is the user imagination. It is truly a magical tool.

To have a better idea watch the video tutorial:

Should you have any questions or some information you require feel free to post your questions and I will reply promptly.

Thanks for reading,
Alessandro Ferri


2 responses to “Video mixing app for PC

  1. Andreas Szallis

    Great Tool !

  2. Thanks Andreas Szallis.


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