How to watermark movie on PC

Nowadays videos are the most popular format of Internet communication and advertisement so it is important to protect and advertise your video content by including in your videos web links and logos. That is when the video watermark software also known as video protection software comes into play.

With a video watermark software you can watermark movie files without having to spend big bucks on a full featured video editor.

An example of such a watermark video app is Video Watermarker from PCWinSoft. Video Watermarker runs a simple user interface and can batch watermark any number of video files with image stamps and text stamps all in a what you see is what you get kind of interface so you can preview the results even before you start to watermark.

I have recorded a tutorial and then processed this tutorial through Video Watermarker to put the web link over the video so the video included in this post has being watermarked by Video Watermarker.

Here is the tutorial:

Should you have any questions or some information you require feel free to post your questions and I will reply promptly.

Thanks for reading,
Alessandro Ferri


One response to “How to watermark movie on PC

  1. I never thought about it; I have my YouTube channel and I just upload video as is which can always be used by others which I never realized. This is really informative; will test it down n will share in my experience

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