Photo watermarking software comparison

I have reviewed 3 software products produced for protecting photos and images by watermarking them. The goal of these 3 software products is to protect visual content from being freely distributed and in order to achieve this goal the applications watermark photos with images and text.

The first application tested was TSR Watermark Image Software version The first impression is that the user interface wasn’t much user friendly and the navigation wasn’t straight forward. After using it for a while and sorting out how it works the results of a batch photo watermarking were satisfactory, it works and delivers individually calculated watermark position and size per photo dimensions which is the most important feature a software of this category should do, so thumbs up for this application despite a bit of a learning curve due to a not so well structured application flow.

The second application tested was AoaoPhoto Watermark 8.7 which showed itself in a wizard format easy to understand and follow through. Behavior regarding maintaining proportions according to photo dimensions also works although for images it sometimes makes them a little too big but generally it does the work right. It has some interesting extra features like including shadows around the watermarks both text and image so that is a plus, the user interface is simple and modern, so nothing to criticize there and the overall experience is good, and it works, so this is also a good option.

The third and final application tested was Image Watermarker and it showed up a easy to use interface with good application flow and what impressed me the most which was the correct watermarking proportional drawing over photos of very different dimensions. The user interface does not have a more modern style but the program works great and gets the work done so it features as a good option for the task in hand.

In terms of pricing the advantage relies by the side of Image Watermarker with a unique cost of $29.90 while the other 2 software products start at $39 for basic versions and escalate to more then $100 on the full versions, so if what you want is to get the job done spending less money Image Watermarker is your best bet.


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