The virtual cameras of PCWinSoft

In this article I will talk a bit about the 2 virtual cameras PCWinSoft sells: One is ScreenCamera’s and the other is ScreenCamera.Net’s.

ScreenCamera Video Camera as it is called within the system coupled with its desktop application give you the extraordinary ability to share your webcam and your desktop screen capture on n number of apps and websites that work with webcams at the same time. Plus it records is all in high definition which is the feature that sets PCWinSoft’s virtual cameras apart from similar programs.

ScreenCamera.Net Video Camera when coupled with its desktop application gives you unlimited possibilities of what to show in the video output: Screen capture from any monitor, webcam capture, TV tuner card capture, movie files, audio tracks, images of any extension including PNG, text stamps, date and time stamps, and the ability to animate all elements so what ScreenCamera.Net can do for you is to give you the tools that can make you look highly professional thus differentiating you from your competition and giving you that edge you need to win over your competition.

The virtual cameras from PCWinSoft are supported by Google Talk, Google Hang-outs, Skype, UStream.TV, LiveStream, and any program or website that accepts webcams. The virtual cameras from PCWinSoft are just like a webcam you purchase at the store except they can share desktop capture and do many other things that you wouldn’t be able to do with your webcam alone.

Watch the video bellow to check out how it works with Google Talk:


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