Playing multiple movies with ScreenCamera.Net

ScreenCamera.Net allows you to look like a TV host or a newscaster because it allows the addition of elements to the video camera like for example your Company logo, a thumbnail picture of yourself, there is so much you can do with ScreenCamera.Net it is overwhelming.

ScreenCamera.Net can have an infinity of layers so you can have multiple videos on the screen you can push to occupy the entire video area and then play the video, make it go away, show the next one, all coordinated because the frame-by-frame technology allows animations to stop on key-frames if you want so that is what makes it possible to create effects like the ones you see on the video bellow.

ScreenCamera.Net transforms your webcam into a video studio where you are the VJ adding effects, sources, transitions and effects.

With ScreenCamera.Net you can go from regular to spectacular with a simple combination of elements. ScreenCamera.Net is for the end user what a turn table is for a DJ. You control the video output, you create and play effects, you coordinate then entrance of a new effect and the removal of others.

With ScreenCamera.Net every time is show time and once you harness that power then you can use it to your benefit and to demonstrate you are on a next level of video conferencing gaining points and defeating the competition.


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