How to remotely monitor your webcam with 1AVMonitor

1AVMonitor is a complete audio video center because with it you can record, broadcast, and monitor any audio and/or video source you have on your PC.

In this article I will be talking about doing remote surveillance on your webcam so that you have access to it and to captured material from anywhere in the World.

1AVMonitor publishes a 128-bit encrypted secure website that you can access from anywhere using any browser and have access to live video, right now image, video and audio recordings, and the keys pressed by the PC user.

1AVMonitor stamps a date-time over the webcam video so that you can know exactly at what time some event went on and you can easily find events on a remote monitoring session because 1AVMonitor has a slide show format for you to quickly search and find suspicious activity on the pictures right from within your protected website.

You don’t want the other users of the PC to know you are monitoring the webcam, 1AVMonitor has a solution to that as well, a mode called stealth mode in which 1AVMonitor simply disappears from the desktop and even from the task manager and the only way to break stealth mode is a hotkey that you define but you will have to have the password you used to lock it down otherwise you won’t be able to unlock it, so make sure you know the password, save it somewhere safe you can retrieve later.

If you have one webcam then 1AVMonitor is the perfect choice for remote monitoring. If you have several cameras then 1AVMonitor won’t be able to help you, then you should search for other solutions, but for one webcam 1AVMonitor is as feature rich as it gets.


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