Welcome to the next generation of video conferencing with ScreenCamera.Net

ScreenCamera.Net was born in an effort to bring video conferencing to a whole new level: ScreenCamera.Net is based upon an object-oriented layer-by-layer frame-by-frame technology that is proprietary of PCWinSoft.

ScreenCamera.Net is similar to Adobe Photoshop regarding the layer-by-layer technology: The user stacks objects on top of each other with support to drag and drop to move an object from a layer to another.

ScreenCamera.Net is similar to Adobe Flash regarding the frame-by-frame technology. The way it works is by inserting key-frames on a time-line and let ScreenCamera.Net do the animation between key-frame to key-frame. The user can animate objects’ colors, size, position, rotation, and transparency.

ScreenCamera.Net is so powerful and fun that I gladly created the 2 videos bellow just to give you a taste of what it is to be on the next level of video conference.


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