How to do remote surveillance on your desktop with 1AVMonitor

Do you want to spy on what users do on your PC when you are not around? If you do 1AVMonitor is the perfect solution for you. It runs completely hidden and it creates a secure website you can connect to from anywhere and check live video, photo slide show and the keys pressed by the user.

1AVMonitor starts with Windows and it starts already hidden but you may think: What about the task manager? 1AVMonitor is a very suspicious name and the user will easily know he/she is being monitored. Well, that is all true but 1AVMonitor comes prepared: You can choose to hide the process from the task manager or you can set 1AVMonitor to change its name on the task manager and give it a name that looks like a system process.

1AVMonitor publishes a 128-bit encrypted secure web site with Windows authentication where after properly logged in you can view real-time audio and video from your desktop screen, you can check a slide shows of all motion detected, and you can know the keys pressed by the user. So 1AVMonitor is the perfect desktop spy.

I have put together a video to make my words more clear with visual feedback. Check it out:


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