How to get the most out of your webcam with ScreenCamera.Net

In case you don’t know Windows does not allow your webcam to be used by more than one application at a time, it is a Windows limitation.

That is the wall ScreenCamera.Net blows up for you. After you connect your webcam through ScreenCamera.Net you will be abilified to use your webcam on multiple applications.

Secondly comes the capabilities of ScreenCamera.Net which when well used can make you look like a million dollars on the video conference room because you can add your name, your company logo, date-time stamp, and semi-transparent rectangles, basically you can look like a tv anchorman and represent your Company with a professional look and feel to your video conference calls.

In third ScreenCamera.Net allows you to share your desktop capture from one monitor or multiple monitors.

In fourth ScreenCamera.Net plays movies and audio tracks so you can be like a VJ playing around with layers, objects, animations.

ScreenCamera.Net is based upon an object-oriented layer-by-layer frame-by-frame technology proprietary of PCWinSoft which allows you to do animations much like Adobe Flash.

I have put together a video to demonstrate what it is that I am talking about:


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