Tools to help you host live video broadcasts from your PC

In this here article I talk about tools that are out there to help you host live video broadcasts right from your PC.

In the list of products reviewed are: Flash Live Media Encoder, Microsoft 9 Series Media Encoder, Microsoft Expression Encoder, VLC Player, and 1AVStreamer.

Flash Media Encoder can not be used as a stand-alone server so it can’t create a broadcast stream from your PC to be opened from anywhere, you need a Flash Media Server in order to create a stream that can be opened anywhere. Adobe Media Server costs close to $2000 USD. I hear that it is a great solution so if you have the money then you may want to think about it.

Microsoft Expression Encoder is an enhanced version of the previous Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. I could not start a successful broadcast with this tool but I trust that it works at least as well as its predecessor: Microsoft Media Encoder 9 series.

Microsoft Media Encoder 9 does an excellent job at broadcasting live video and audio straight from your PC to the Internet. It is a free tool and it works really well. It comes with wizards for you to setup your live events. It is free and good at what it does.

With VLC Player I was able to find an option to stream which then guided me to some other dialog screens which were to supposedly create a stream URL I could distribute for other people to see my broadcast. I got to the part of connecting the audio and video source and it even started streaming from what I could perceive however I could not find the URL where the broadcast was supposed to be so it didn’t rate very well, maybe I didn’t use it correctly but I followed the only path offered regarding streaming, so my first impression was negative. There is one point plus for VLC player which is it encodes with H.264 which is HTML5 friendly.

And finally 1AVStreamer, by far the easier and less complicated of the list. It broadcasts with the click of a button right after installation and it offers you ways to include the live video feed inside your web page. 1AVStreamer utilizes Microsoft Encoder technology so it supports all encoders from version 7 to version 10. You can edit encoders and tailor the encoder to your exact needs.

Bellow you find a complete video review:


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