The reason why there is life before and after ScreenCamera

ScreenCamera is a virtual camera that records the desktop and webcam in high definition and at the same time shares the contents of its video camera on applications such as Skype and websites like and so many others, all others actually.

Why ScreenCamera divides the life of a PC user into before ScreenCamera and after ScreenCamera? Before ScreenCamera you can share your face on one program at a time; After ScreenCamera you can share your face and your desktop screen capture on multiple applications simultaneously. It is simply a more evolved method of video conferencing, professional, and capable of recording it all in high definition.

Haven’t you ever desired to share something that is on your desktop but can’t and then you have to explain what it is that you would like to show in words and it straight out does not work. ScreenCamera got your back in that respect and when you want to show something from your desktop you can.

ScreenCamera in fact starts a new era of video conferencing because it allows you to share your face and whatever else you got on your PC on not one but multiple applications at a time.

Bellow you find a video explainning why there is life before ScreenCamera and life after ScreenCamera.


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