1AVMonitor – What it is and what it can do for you

1AVMonitor is a complete audio video center. The program is designed to make remote surveillance on your webcam or your desktop but apart from the remote monitoring abilities 1AVMonitor can also record and broadcast audio and video from any source you have available on your PC.

1AVMonitors detects motion for video and detectes decibel levels for audio so both can trigger an alert in which case 1AVMonitor performs the tasks that you programmed it to do: Take pictures, record video and audio files, play a sound, run a program, and get notified by e-mail.

1AVMonitor is also a desktop spy because it can be started with Windows already completely invisible, it hides itself even from the Task Manager, so no user will ever have the slighest idea that he/she is being monitored.

1AVMonitor publishes a secure website with Windows authentication that after you log in to, you have access to live video, real-time picture, photo slide show of captured images, access to the recorded files, and access to the keys that the user pressed.

This website 1AVMonitor publishes can be accessed from anywhere using any web browser, there is no need to install any client component.

For a more in depth review watch the video bellow:


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