ScreenCamera – What it is and what it can do for you

ScreenCamera is a virtual camera desktop and webcam recorder.

With ScreenCamera you can create narrated tutorials, you can record movies from inside web browsers and media players, you can record your webcam, so ScreenCamera is mainly a screen recorder and webcam recorder with a very cool twist.

What twist? You may ask and the answer is: ScreenCamera installs a webcam on your system just like the one you buy at the store except this one points at your desktop screen and not to your face.

You can connect your webcam to ScreenCamera and from then on you can open your webcam on multiple applications so ScreenCamera is also a webcam splitter.

But the most important feature ScreenCamera has is the ability to record all in high definition so you can keep high quality copies of your video conference calls.

ScreenCamera’s user interface is a simple toolbar with quick access buttons that allows the user to quickly and easily select any given part of the desktop he/she intends to share.

To view a full review of ScreenCamera watch the video bellow.


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