ScreenCamera.Net – What it is and what it can do for you

ScreenCamera.Net is the next generation of ScreenCamera.

ScreenCamera continues to hold its place on the virtual camera business because it is very lightweight and it is very handy so ScreenCamera.Net does not come as a replacer to ScreenCamera, it comes more like an entity of its own.

ScreenCamera.Net is built on top of an object-oriented, layer-by-layer, frame-by-frame proprietary technology of PCWinSoft.

ScreenCamera.Net is a real-time video studio with which you can
look like a million dollars when you enter the video conference room. It takes your video conferencing experience to a whole new level: The professional level.

ScreenCamera.Net is like a blank canvas where the user drops objects one on top of the other similarly to Adobe Photoshop. The objects supported by ScreenCamera.Net are: Any monitor screen capture, webcams, DVRs, TV tuner card or device attached to it, images of any extension including PNG, movie files, audio track files, text stamps, date-and-time stamps, rectangles, ellipses, and triangles.

Elements can be animated using a frame-by-frame technology with automatic animation from key-frame to key-frame changing color, size, position, transparency and rotation of any object supported. It works similarly to Adobe Flash.

ScreenCamera.Net has a bit of a learning curve, but once you understand its power you become more confident thus being able to create complex video effects. You become a VJ and you are in control of this powerful tool.

Watch the video bellow to know more:


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