1AVCapture – What it is and what it can do for you

If you can see or hear on your PC you can use 1AVCapture to grab a quality copy for you.

1AVCapture captures video with audio, or video without audio, or audio without video.

The program has wizards to guide you when you need to configure something however it is very unlikely that you will ever need to configure anything. When 1AVCapture runs for the first time it detects the hardware you have installed and creates ready-to-be-used profiles, so right out the box you can play, zero hassle.

With the presence of 19 profile slots, each profile slot holds a combination of video source and/or audio source and a task which can be record or broadcast. The great advantage of the presence of profile slots is that you will never have to reconfigure anything and you got all your tasks one click away.

Here are some examples of what 1AVCapture can do: The program can record narrated tutorials of screen activity, it can record movies from inside media players or web browsers, it can record your favorite songs from the Internet, it can broadcast your desktop live and in real-time, it can record your TV tuner if you have one, it can record a device attached to your TV tuner if you have any, it can broadcast your webcam time-stamped. These were only some examples.

Watch the video bellow for a complete review of what 1AVCapture is and what it can do for you.


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