Virtual Cameras: Fun and Business

There are 2 types of virtual cameras currently on the market: Fun oriented and Business oriented.

The first family of virtual cameras is designed for Fun: This family of virtual cameras work with a technology which can tell where you face is and how much it is rotated because it analyses the triangle formed by your 2 eyes and your nose. That allows these applications to glue hats, wigs, shades, and more effects attached to your face. I find this technology amazing and my favorite feature on these virtual cameras.

Some virtual cameras allow you to draw on top of the video output which is second place in importance in my opinion.

Then there are the frames and animations which are similar to animated GIFs with one to 4 frames that come already inside the product, Some virtual cameras have more, others less, and some have more effects you can download for a price.

In conclusion on what regards virtual cameras designed for fun I conclude that I find them amazing and can certainly do the job of turning your video conference calls a lot more fun. In the video you find at the bottom of the article I make a complete review. Check it out.

Now let’s move on to the second type of virtual cameras: The business oriented virtual cameras. There are only 2 programs that fit into this category: ScreenCamera and ScreeCamera.Net. The first allows you to share your desktop and the business oriented feature it has is it records your video conference in high definition. No other virtual cameras record video in high resolution, so you can use it to record narrated tutorials or to make real-time live screencasts and webinars. ScreenCamera supports high definition so for websites like UStream and even for Skype utilizing ScreenCamera outputs a better quality of video then using their native options.

ScreenCamera.Net is the next generation of ScreenCamera and it is based on a layer-by-layer object-oriented frame-by-frame technology that allows you to look like a million dollars when you enter a video conference because you can brand it, and you can have at hand your webcam, any monitor you have connected, movie files to play, and audio tracks. So if you are interesting in boosting the power of your video conference skills then ScreenCamera.Net is just what you need to become that much more powerful.


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