SuperLauncher – What it is and what it can do for you

Even before I founded PCWinSoft I started a project called SmartWin. I remember I had this idea of how a program would make my life easier so I started the project mostly as a hotkey launcher.

SmartWin was a hot key launcher but it morphed into much much more than a simple hot key launcher, and as I used it more and more, the more features I added to help me work faster with less stress.

SmartWin became SuperLauncher, a piece of software I can not live without because it saves me a lot of time and it allows me to work faster, and not to forget appointments, SuperLauncher is a reminder and a scheduler of resources.

SuperLauncher most important features are the most used popup menu, the text inserter menu, and the hotkey ability, the scheduler, and the fact that one can create groups. I for example open all my e-mail accounts with one hot key combination because I grouped them into one resource.

With all its features combined SuperLaunchr can make your produce more in less time with less stress and that is a fact.

I have recorded a video to ilustrate what SuperLauncher is and what it does.


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