How to broadcast a movie from your PC and share it with your friends

Got a hang of a movie before it got released officially and want to stream this movie to your friends? Not to worry, ScreenCamera.Net got your back. You have to take a few steps to make it happen but these are simple steps that even a newbie to video streaming can understand and put it to use.

Many users give up on this idea of streaming video to their friends because they assume it will be a hassle, a lot of configuration parameters and tricks and all and all too nerdy so they don’t even want to try it, but that is because they haven’t met ScreenCamera.Net yet. With ScreenCamera.Net all configuration is visual and easy to understand, there are no command-lines or tricks or tweaks, it is all very easy and one click away.

It is important to know that ScreenCamera.Net uses Windows media encoders to stream the broadcasts and this means you can select any Windows media encoder from the earliest version 7 to the very newest version 10 that get installed with Microsoft Expression 4.

To be yet more attractive to the regular user or any user for that matter ScreenCamera.Net makes available to you a piece of html code that you can simply paste on your webpage and just like that you get live video on your website.

I have recorded a video to help you see how easy it is to have your video broadcasted inside your webpage with no hassles whatsoever. Note that if your PC is connected to the Internet via a router then you will need to create a port forward in order to make your broadcast available to the open web.


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