How to create and play with smileys on ScreenCamera.Net

As of this time ScreenCamera.Net is shipped without ready-to-use effects but that got me thinking maybe I should include some ready to use effects. Anyways, that is besides the point: ScreenCamera.Net may come without ready-to-use effects but if you have creativity you can create amazing effects due to its technology.

In this article I explain how to download smileys from the Internet, prepare them to have one color to be transparent, and then I animate the smileys.

Who said you can’t have fun with ScreenCamera.Net? Truth is ScreenCamera.Net is targeted at businesses but it can also please the home user who wants to look good in his/her video conference experiences. The idea behind ScreenCamera.Net is to give the user a real-time video studio.

Check out this video where I show smileys on ScreenCamera.Net:


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