How to record your desktop screen and webcam with ScreenCamera

ScreenCamera is aa lightweight program designed for screen recording and screen sharing.

As a recorder ScreenCamera generates both AVI and WMV files and it supports all codecs and Windows media encoders available on the PC. It even works with the recently released Windows media encoders installed by Windows Media Expression Encoder.

Because of its simple interface with quick access buttons ScreenCamera is ideal for recording narrated tutorials: You can easily select the part of the desktop you want to record, you can follow the cursor around, you can select a window, you have automatic zoom-in and zoom-out on the mouse wheel and it does not show on the recorded content because ScreenCamera is a transparent window so you can record away without having to hide the program for it not to show on recordings.

The twist about ScreenCamera is that it creates a video camera on your system just like a webcam you buy at the store, and through this camera you can share your desktop with other people using free tools like Skype, Live messenger, Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, and any website or application that supports webcams.

Bellow you find a video I prepared to show you how to use ScreenCamera to record the desktop screen. The tutorials was recorded with ScreenCamera.


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