How to do remote video surveillance on your webcam using 1AVMonitor

1AVMonitor is a program designed to do remote surveillance of any audio and/or video source so it can be used to do remote surveillance on your desktop, or your microphone, or your webcam.

In this article I’ll be talking about webcam remote monitoring: The first thing you notice is that 1AVMonitor includes a date time stamp over your webcam video so that you can know at what exact time something happened.

1AVMonitor reacts taking pictures and recording video every time motion is detected either visual or auditive. 1AVMonitor has a decibel level detector as well as a video motion detector.

When 1AVMonitor detects movement it takes pictures and records video and/or audio files. 1AVMonitor also broadcasts live video from your webcam.

1AVMonitor publishes a secure website where you can login and review recorded video and audio files, review captured images in a slide show format, and have access to real-time live video. This website is secured by native Windows authentication which makes it unbreakable. The best part is that your secure website can be accessed from anywhere using any web browser with absolutely no need to install any client components.

I have recorded a video to demonstrate how it works and make it easy for you to reproduce and have the same scheme running on your PC.


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