How to host your own webinars inside your web page

In this here article I explain to you how easy it is for you to host your own webinars inside your own website.

The way this becomes possible is by coupling a virtual camera like ScreenCamera or ScreenCamera.Net and a free video streaming solution on the cloud called BlogTV, a video streaming server service that supports high definition of video.

BlogTV will handle all the video streaming and it supports a large audience so you don’t have to worry about what could be a limitation. No limitation on the size of the audience and the video streaming running smooth.

But you want to host the webinar on a page inside your website so in order for that to happen all you have to do is to copy the embed video code from BlogTV and paste it on your web page.

Why use ScreenCamera or ScreenCamera.Net? ScreenCamera is a cheaper option and with it you can include in your live webinar the desktop capture and the webcam and this would be a more simplistic manner of doing the webinar. If you want to look like a professional as if you had an entire studio backing you up then you gotta go with ScreenCamera.Net. ScreenCamera.Net has a bit of a learning curve but in this page you can view tutorials:

After you got all setup then send the invitations and let your audience in.

The video bellow shows you how it is done.


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