How to broadcast live video and audio with ScreenCamera.Net

ScreenCamera.Net is the latest software release from PCWinSoft. ScreenCamera.Net is an object-oriented, layer-by-layer, frame-by-frame software which works similarly to Adobe Photoshop with layers superimposed over other layers, and similarly to Adobe Flash with animations from key-frame to key-frame on a time-line.

ScreenCamera.Net is a video studio in real-time with animations and visual effects. The video camera of ScreenCamera.Net is a blank canvas where the user drops objects layer-by-layer. ScreenCamera.Net is a tool made for you to professionalize your video conference experience leaving your competition behind. ScreenCamera.Net can turn you into a TV host.

ScreenCamera is not only a recorder, it also is a video broadcaster. One click and you are broadcasting. You can select different media encoders to do the compressing and you can edit the profiles to fit your particular needs. ScreenCamera.Net supports even the latest media encoders that get installed with Microsoft Expression Encoder. ScreenCamera.Net also provides you with code to embed the live video feed into your webpage.

So far this was an introduction of what ScreenCamera.Net is and what it can do. But the point here is to show you how to broadcast audio and video from within ScreenCamera.Net so I have put together a video demonstration that you can watch bellow.


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