A few tips to help users record video and audio

For Windows XP the audio was handled by a mixer where you could mute and change volume of both recording device and reproduction device, so Windows XP was easy to handle audio issues with.

Ever since after the launch of Windows Vista the way Windows works with audio changed radically. What was called an audio line became an audio device and with that there was the creation of a common problem that happens when you are using your video or audio recorder and you get the message ‘Error’ or ‘Could not start record’ and what most people don’t know is that the reason why recordings don’t work is because the audio device is not set as default.

For some reason sometimes you open the Windows ‘Recording Devices’ dialog and you can’t see nothing in there, so tip #1: Right-click the mouse inside the ‘Recording Devices’ area and select ‘Show disabled devices’ and ‘Show disconnected devices’, then some devices like your Microphone or ‘Stereo Mix’ devices will show but you have to keep in mind that when you want to record the audio stream the respective audio device must be set as the default device. So, make sure to select your recording device, right-click the mouse over it and select ‘Make this device default’.

Tip #2: If the device is set as the default but you still get the error that recording can’t start then it is very likely that your audio device of choice is gotten enhancements effects that need to be turned off. Microphone boosting for example can in some cases be the reason why you can’t start a recording session.

There is also the black screen video issue when sometimes you try to record a movie being played on the media player or some other app and by the end of the recording all you get is a black screen: The solution for this one is also simple, tip #3: You must turn off hardware acceleration on your PC. There are plenty of websites that have this solution step-by-step, just Google ‘disable hardware acceleration’ + Windows Vista or 7 or 8 and you will find a tutorial of how you can turn off hardware acceleration, and you will be successful when recording.

If you follow my 3 tips given on this here article you are most likely to be successful on your video and audio recording.

Hope to be of help to users struggling to record audio and video and just don’t know why.


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