Switch from desktop to webcam and back sideways and updownways

It is common knowledge that presentation is everything when you want to close a deal: The competitor who presents itself better is the most likely to have the contract signed.

In the video conference World you have 2 types of virtual cameras. The first type is the software dedicated to increase fun on video chats by adding face effects and emoticons and in this list you find almost all virtual cameras: ManyCam WebcamMax, SplitCam, Magic Camera, and some other ones. The second type of virtual cameras are the ones designed for businesses because they allow desktop sharing and high definition recording. In this latest category you find ScreenCamera and ScreenCamera.Net.

ScreenCamera.Net is the next generation of video conference: It is an object-oriented frame-by-frame layer-by-layer technology based software that works similarly to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. ScreenCamera.Net holds the power to professionalize your video conferencing sessions. It can make your business look great even if you are running it from the basement.

In this example I made a video to explain how to make cool animated transitions between desktop capture and webcam capture. You are sharing your desktop then sideways comes the webcam then downways comes the desktop then upways comes the webcam and so on. It is easy to do and it makes a great impression on the eyes of the audience.

This video shows how it is done step-by-step:


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