How to record your favorite songs from the Internet using 1AVCapture

Did you know you can get your favorite songs from the Internet for free? Yes, you can and the process is simple. Even though it is ilegal the motion is unstoppable.

There are many software titles that can handle audio recording and therefore can get the job of grabbing your favorite songs from the web. I could mention a couple of them: Audio Recorder, AVS Audio Recorder, MP3 Audio Recorder, and there is lots more.

Some are more practical, others aren’t. From my experience most audio recorders ask you where to save the audio file after the recording is done which is counter productive and just wastes a lot of the user time.

In this here article I explain how to record audio using 1AVCapture, just another audio recording app you could say, but it does have a way of being practical that I simply love and that is why I decided to post about it.

1AVCapture is ideal because you can record songs from the Internet while you are working and enjoying yourself with the music. 1AVCapture automatically names the files recorded and in this way the user can just keep on recording what he/she likes and at the end of the day make a selection of what he/she would like to keep, so it doesn’t interfere with your work and that is what I love about it.

1AVCapture records audio in 3 different formats: MP3, WMA and WAV with full support to all codecs and media encoders installed on the PC.

1AVCapture is paid software but you can record audio freely on the 21 days of trial you get when you install 1AVCapture.

To learn more watch this video:


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