How to create an advertisement animation with ScreenCamera.Net

ScreenCamera.Net allows users to create animations much like in Adobe Flash with key-frames over a time-line and it animates from key-frame to next key-frame automatically calculating the correct color, position, size, rotation and transparency of any supported object.

That is from a technical point-of-view but my intention here is to create awareness about how ScreenCamera.Net got the tools to bring you to the next generation of video conferencing when anyone can look like a TV host.

ScreenCamera.Net is all about making your Company look like a million dollars when it comes down to video conferencing with potential prospects.

The first benefit that comes to mind is advertisement: ScreenCamera.Net gives you a Window to the World and it has support for images, and texts, and it can animate elements so you can add advertisement material and make money on your video conferences.

In this here article I demonstrate how to create an effect where an airplane crosses the screen with an advertisement message that looks real good after it is ready. You can reproduce it yourself as bellow you find a step-by-step tutorial of how to accomplish such task.


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