How to play video file with special effects on the bottom

In this here tutorial I will show you how to play a video file and on top of that have an animated rectangle followed by a rolling text effect.

No other software today in the World can get this type of task done. ScreenCamera.Net is a killer app with so much power it gets to the point of amazing me at times, its creator.

This tutorial is one of a series designed to help new users quickly become advanced users. You can view all ScreenCamera.Net video tutorials here:
ScreenCamera.Net Tutorials

ScreenCamera.Net is targeted at businesses video conferencing because it can make you look like a million dollars on your video conference calls increasing your chances of success because the look is very important and looking like a Pro can only help you close more deals and leave only the dust for your competition.

In this here example you first create a movie file effect by importing a video from your hard drive, second you create a rectangle effect that changes color like a video camera flash, and then you create the rolling text effect. After you have the 3 elements then you can play with them like shown in the video bellow.


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