How to make a hanging sign that says Out to Lunch

ScreenCamera.Net is based on a object-oriented layer-by-layer frame-by-frame technology that resembles Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. This proprietary technology of PCWinSoft can be used to create complex animations using any object supported by ScreenCamera.Net.

The objects supported by ScreenCamera.Net are: screen capture, webcam capture, movies, audio tracks, images, text stamps, date-time stamps, rectangles, triangles and ellipses.

Regarding the animation technology it works by setting key-frames on a time-line and let ScreenCamera.Net do the animation of parameters between one key-frame to the next. The properties that can be changed on key-frames are: color, position, size, rotation, and transparency.

In this here example I teach you how to create a hanging sign effect using ScreenCamera.Net.

First you import the hanging sign image file, choose a color to be transparent, then create 5 key-frames, the first key-frame gets a rotation of -20 degrees, the second key-frame rotation angle zero, third frame angle +20, fourth frame angle 0, fifth frame angle -20. And you have to mark the Cyclical flag. Put in words it seems kind of complicated but if you watch the step-by-step tutorial bellow you will find it very easy to reproduce.


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