How to create a cool animated clock with ScreenCamera.Net

In this here article I will teach you how to create an animated custom clock that you can keep on your library of effects for you to use at anytime.

First, you must select an image to serve as the background of the clock.

Second you add an effect of type date-time, choose the font, give the text more definition, set it to show time only, then re-size the date and time effect to fit within the button on the background, then save this part of the work into a group because you don’t want to lose this work so far.

Now comes the animation part that works this way:
You will position the clock group outside the video area to the right, you then will create a key-frame on frame 60, you then create a key-frame on frame 30 and in here frame #30 you move the clock group to a position on the corner of the video output.

Then you save the effect and you can display your cool clock on your video output stepping into the video area, getting stopped, then stepping out the video area. All under your control.

You can learn how to do this animated clock by watching the video bellow.


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