Review of 5 Launchers for Windows

In this here article I present a review and comparison of the top most used launchers for Windows. I will be talking about: Launchy, Find and Run Robot (FARR), RocketDock, Executor, and SuperLauncher.

Launchy is similar to the Search functionality of Windows 8. It can definitely help you produce more with less stress but it does not come with a scheduler, or a text paster, or hotkeys combinations to run shortcuts. Still, great software, well thought of. Launchy is free but they do suggest you donate what you think the program is worth.

FARR works similarly to Launchy: It finds the shortcuts as you type, again similar to the new Windows 8 Search feature. One could even speculate that Launchy and FARR may have being the source for Microsoft’s idea of Search as opposed to the Start Menu on Windows 8. FARR is free unless you want to use for commercial purposes in which case you must contact them by e-mail.

RocketDock works similarly to the task bar of Mac OS-X and it is helpful to have your most used applications and websites close by but due to its size it cannot hold a large number of shortcuts, so it is good to store 7 to 10 most used shortcuts. It also does not come with a scheduler, or a text paster, or hotkeys combination to run shortcuts. RocketDock is free.

Executor follows on the lines of Launchy and FARR being that it finds shortcuts as you type and list the results automatically for you to click and run. Very useful, can definitely do the work of increasing productivity and decrease stress. Executor is free.

Finally let me talk about SuperLauncher: SuperLauncher is nothing like the previous listed software but it does an incredible job of increasing your productivity and at the same time decrease your levels of stress. How does it work? You can add shortcuts by drag and drop on the bottom of the Desktop in a similar way to Windows 8 Control Bar, so you drag and drop shortcuts and immediately you are prompted to give it a hot key combination, and/or add it to the quick list. With SuperLauncher you can assign hot keys to your shortcuts, you can schedule them, SuperLauncher also inserts texts automatically with the ‘text to paste’ list. The ‘quick list’ and the ‘text to paste’ lists are shown when you press Ctrl+Win or Alt+Win.

SuperLauncher is a complete solution that will make you produce more in less time and with less stress because with all features combined it gives you the power to eliminate repetitive tasks. SuperLauncher is not free, it costs $29.95 but worth every penny if you ask me.

That is about it for this article. Launchers are cool because they provide a smarter way to deal with your shortcuts and reduce the number of steps you have to take when you need to do something. It is all about making life easier.


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