How to synchronize audio and video on AVI files

Haven’t you ever recorded an AVI file for a long time and then when you go play it the audio starts getting out of sync more and more as the video advances?

The bad news is that for most programs you can’t fix the issue before recording because it involves the time of compression for codecs. The good news is that there is an easy way to sync the audio on your AVI video file after the video file is recorded.

The solution is called ‘Yet Another Avi Info v2.0.3.488’ which is a free application that you can download from here:

When you start YAAI it asks you for a video file, you can choose to select your video file right away or later but the program only shows its options after you choose an AVI file on your hard drive.

The first tab of YAAI display detailed file information including Bit-rate for audio and video, codec used to compress also for audio and video. It shows you what is the video file you selected in details.

The second tab called ‘Sync Audio’ is where the magic happens:

In this dialog you can stretch the audio for it to match the audio with the end of the video file thus giving you the sync you need. It is a very simple to use tool yet quite powerful.

The third tab is called ‘Author details’ where you can add tags to your video file like Artist, Comments, Copywrite, Name, Product, Source, Subject, and Display name.

The fourth tab called Options/Utilities allow you to change global options and even set YAAI to show in the context menu for when you right-click the mouse over a video file and it presents the option ‘Sync with YAAI’.

YAAI works only with AVI and needless to say YAAI is a life saver and results of synchronization are perfect. You only have to be a little patient by changing settings then testing until you find the correct synchronization.

Hope this article can help people out.

Alessandro from PCWinSoft here over and out.


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  1. Thanks i was looking for that in Google but couldn’t find until I saw your website. 🙂

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