Video conference like a real Pro

Most people enter video conference rooms with their bare face, no company logo, no company name, nothing. The majority of people still work like this because of the lack of options.

ScreenCamera.Net comes to the rescue: With ScreenCamera.Net you can enter a video conference room looking like a million dollars, looking like a host of a news TV program.

The concept is simple: First you create a rectangle and put it in the botom part of the camera video output, then you make this rectangle semi-transparent, then you import the image representing the logo of your Company, and then you enter the name of your Company or your own.

I made a video explainning step-by-step how it is done, you can find it on the bottom of this article. Especialy on business video conferences ScreenCamera.Net gives you an edge over your competition.

ScreenCamera.Net also works with desktop capture so while having the Company rectangle in front, you can switch from face to deskop capture and back to face and all of this keeping the TV like bottom bar.

The odds of you closing a business deal definitely increase because it is all about the looks. Good looking sells. Bad looking don’t sell.


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