Fantastic animation to begin a video conference call

In this here article I teach you how to make a really cool entrance effect for when you enter a video conference room.

From the background comes a ever growing box with text much similar to what you see on movies and TV shows. This background box with text ever grows as it gradually becomes transparent so by the end of the animation you can make your webcam visible and the effect slowly turns 100 percent invisible.

It is definitely something you see on TV but up until now there was nothing that could do that with your regular webcam.

ScreenCamera.Net is a video studio and if you use video conference a lot maybe you should think of acquiring it for 2 reasons. First: Only ScreenCamera.Net can pull this kind of effect. Second: To look similar to a TV host with special effects and transitions can be the difference between closing the deal or losing it to the competition.

It is all explained and done step-by-step so you can reproduce it yourself. Watch the video bellow to learn how.


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