How to increase productivity and decrease stress at the same time

Everybody looks for ways to increase productivity and yet decrease stress, so if you are one of those people who are still looking, look no further: SuperLauncher is here bringing the solution to your quest.

SuperLauncher purpose is exactly that of eliminating the repetitive tasks you have and automate your processes leaving all your most executed tasks 2 clicks away or 1 keystroke combination away.

Why was SuperLauncher created? I, Alessandro Ferri, developer of PCWinSoft products needed a way to work faster and at the same time reduce hassles, something that would allow me to do things faster and thus increasing my free time which I use to work so I can produce way more in a 8 hour period for example then people not using SuperLauncher during the same 8 hour period and not get stressed or overwhelmed at all.

SuperLauncher allows you to stay 2 clicks away or 1 keystroke away from your most used applications, websites and documents. It also has a reminder to remind you of important date and times, it has a list of ready-to-be-inserted texts so that you don’t have to retype the same sentence over and over again, it allows shortcuts to be executed using any possible keyboard combination you want.

SuperLauncher is definitely a time-saver: Produce more with less stress is what SuperLauncher is all about. I not only recommend it but must also say I can not live without it. To live without SuperLauncher would be like taking the bus instead of taking an airplane.


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