How to create Strobe light effect on ScreenCamera.Net

ScreenCamera.Net is built upon a layer-by-layer object-oriented frame-by-frame technology that allows users to animate any elements. It is quite fantastic once you understand and dominate it.

The elements supported by ScreenCamera.Net are: Screen capture from any monitor at up to 60 frames per second, video cameras, camcorders, movies, audio tracks, images of any extension including PNG, text-stamps, date and time stamps, and rectangles, triangles and ellipses.

In this here example I teach you how to animate 3 triangles of different colors to give the effect of a rainbow lightened theater. The example in itself is not of major value but it will help you understand better the technology behind ScreenCamera.Net.

The animation technology is similar to Adobe Flash’s with key-frames and automatic animation between key-frames and what you can change on a key-frame is the color, position, rotation, size, and transparency of an object, any object supported by ScreenCamera.Net.

And know that I am always available to respond to questions regarding audio and video software even outside my own domain, so feel free to drop me a line if you have questions regarding audio and video software.


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