How to do Desktop Sharing with ScreenCamera and Skype

There are many tools that allow for desktop sharing, most of them even allow you to remotely control the other PC you are connected to, but none of that comes cheap so in here I write about a practical yet efficient alternative for you to share your desktop with other people and spend very little money.

First you must install ScreenCamera which is a simple to use toolbar with quick access buttons to get the part of the screen you want to share and capture easily and quickly.

Then you must install Skype if don’t have it already installed.

Then you must open Skype, select Tools on the menu, then select Settings, in there there is a Video Settings tab, click on that and there you can select the webcam on the system you want to work with, so what you will do is select ‘ScreenCamera Video Camera’ as your Skype camera.

Skype allied with ScreenCamera is a powerful kind of vital connection for today’s video conferencing era.

Before ScreenCamera, you have your face to share on one application, after ScreenCamera you have your face and your desktop to share on multiple applications so the benefits are undeniable and that goes for everybody connected to the web.

If you connect to the web for video conferencing you should have ScreenCamera installed to gain an edge over your competition.

I prepared and recorded a video to better explain and give you visual feedback of what I am talking about here.


2 responses to “How to do Desktop Sharing with ScreenCamera and Skype

  1. Hi,

    Have you ever tried Mikogo for desktop sharing? I would like to contest your point that you can’t do remote desktop control for free. Mikogo is available for free download at, and you can have up to 3 simultaneous members. Check it out and let me know what you think.


    Spencer Dunfee
    Mikogo Team

  2. Hey, I love using Skype for social interactions. But for businesses meetings, guaranteed attendance and clarity in screen sharing is what I need; hence have switched over to RHUB web conferencing servers. It is Fortknox.

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