5 Free Programs to Record your Screen on Windows

The first program I tested was Ezvid, good screen recording program, you can record your screen, add images and movies while you edit your recordings afterwards, you can also do a voice over which is very useful. It is a little too heavy on the machine, so I didn’t like that part, but it gets the work done well and it is free. This program does not support dynamic change of contents while recording meaning you must select the area of the desktop you want to record before and not change it until the recording is over. So, that is a negative point, but the video editor is a plus.

The second program I tested was CamStudio. I found it to be practical, not so much full of resources, but nevertheless free and ready to record your screen with your voice or not, and the ability to select a part of the desktop prior to recording. This behavior I find on a lot of screen recording programs: They don’t allow the dynamic change of what is being captured, you must set it up before you start recording and you can’t change it dynamically. The editor though is a plus.

The third program I tested was BSR Screen Recorder and it gets the work done, plus it comes with an editor for you to add text and images over the recorded content. You can also do voice over recorded content, you can export the recorded content to Flash SWF or even turn it into an executable. All and all BSR Screen Recorder scored well on my comparison table. BSR Screen Recorder however also presents the behavior of needing to select the area you will record before you start recording and then you can’t change it while it is recording. Like I said before: This behavior makes the program lose points to me because screen recording programs should have the ability to change the content being recorded according to the user needs to zoom on a particular part of the desktop or select a window, recorded content should be dynamic.

The fourth program I tested was Jing. It is practical, it sits on a rounded shape on top or on the side of your desktop screen and when you pass the mouse over it the area expands and allows you to select capture, and from capture you get the option to record, but in here again the area to be recorded must be preset and can’t not change dynamically. Jing gets the work done and the plus for Jing is that you can immediately share your captured content by uploading the content to TechSmith and giving you a tiny URL you can send out right after recording.

The fifth program I tested was Webinaria: Great program to record the screen, you can get started right away, it comes with an editor to slice pieces off your recording or add texts and images, but in Webinaria I could not find dynamic screen area being recorded. The region must be pre-set. It is great for full screen all-the-time recording.

This list was tested and as the producer of ScreenCamera I have to make this information known: ScreenCamera allows dynamic change of content while recording, you can record the area around the cursor as you move it, you can select any rectangle part of the screen, you can select a window, and you can select a window exclusively. ScreenCamera is missing a video editor but that is on the To-Do list for the program and it shouldn’t take long for that feature to be added to ScreenCamera package.


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