How to record your PC screen with ScreenCamera.Net

ScreenCamera.Net works in a layer-by-layer fashion similar to Adobe Photoshop. To record your desktop screen all you have to do is to add the monitor object and start recording it. ScreenCamera.Net supports multiple monitors and it presents you with a toolbar filled with quick access buttons that make capturing the desktop easy, intuitive and natural: You find a button to capture the entire monitor, another button to capture a selected area, another button to follow the cursor around, another button to select a window, another button to select a window exclusively, another button to quickly change the frame-rate, and finally a button to take pictures.

If you would like ScreenCamera.Net can also have your company logo over the monitor video and that is quite easy to setup as well: You first create a FXS of type image, then you select the logo image, choose the color that must be transparent and then save this FXS file and after that you add the image FXS as a layer on top of the monitor capture layer.

You can go real fancy as well by adding a semi-transparent rectangle at the bottom and adding your name or company name besides the company logo. Check the example. The possibilities you have with ScreenCamera.Net are endless. You could for example have all these objects I was talking about animated to create an even better impression when you enter a chat room, specially a business meeting chat room.


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